Friday, November 8, 2013

Some things are better left unquestioned.


  1. Never open the chastity cage except for emasculation

  2. Smile:
    From the look of Mistress's face, it will not be for quite awhile.

  3. I love that I can't have release but every 4-5 weeks. But i get these mind blowing, body rifles n my clit get to tingling n dancing. Hard to explain.

    But I'm on estradiol n spiro as well as I must admit, I'm an addict of Hypnos:)) but Hypnos will only allow us to do what we want to do.

    Anyway, I have so many reasons I like the no release aspect. One is that it keeps us sissys learning n more willing to learn. Believe it or not, this isn't high school, learning is fun n so many amazing experiences. I often times rub my nipples n try anything under the sun to get release n yet nothing. Omg it's crazy.

    But learning, as I stated earlier, is truly so much fun, as it keeps our flower growing within ourselves, n that's where we really need to be. Oh I'm mtf if that helps for some who don't know of HRT. But it's amazing to be on an edge of release n never be able to get there. It's so literally amazing n almost better than an actual orgasm.

    N besides think of the pleasure, both you n your Superior will derive from you obeying Them.

    But on a different note I do so love Her dress as well as her makeup is flawless. Such envy