Monday, November 25, 2013


Some wives worry when their husbands go off on a trip with the guys, but I don't think these two husbands will be getting into any trouble, not set off feminized and safely locked in their chastity cages.

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  1. Sara,

    I wouldn't be so sure??? Based on some of the comments I've read from the sissies in the group. And based on the books and short stories you've written, I have to respectfully disagree with you.

    Since these hubbies are off on a trip, dressed very provactively. In their short dresses with the low cut tops, their silky stockings and fuck me heels, and their make up and hair done to the nines. I think they are out for a good time.

    Now I know they are both locked up in their cages, as they should be, BUT.................they still have their mouths free and available for any hot guy (or gal) looking for a little oral action. I'm guessing they are going to end up on their knees in some bathroom or hotel room of some big stud looking to get his cock sucked. Or a hot Mistress who needs her clit licked.

    Oh and look at the size of their handbags, I'll bet they have a couple of big dildos or vibrators in there. They better hope airport security, doesn't do more than just an xray scan. I think their asses and mouths are going to be very, very busy the whole time they're away. Maybe one of them ran a Craig's List ad offering their services to anyone who wants them????

    Look at how they're smiling, I think they have an evil plan worked out already to make sure they get some action! Those are devilish grins on their faces!

    Put yourself in their shoes for a minute, you know what you'd be doing! You know you'd be licking pussies and sucking cocks till your jawbones were sore. Am I right???


    PS: You'd look great in their shoes and stockings!