Thursday, December 12, 2013


She may have absentmindedly kicked off her shoe and it might be in public, but the rules are the rules, sissy, on your knees and worship her.

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  1. Sara,

    Ladies never do anything "absentmindly"! Especially if this lady also happens to be a Mistress and she's out to lunch with her sissy. She knows exactly what she's doing. You know what it is your supposed to be doing. SHE knows what your supposed to be doing. And she is just waiting for you to assume the position.

    She wants the whole cafe to know, she owns you and you are not her equal. So you might as well get on your knees and enjoy what you are doing!!!


    PS: I know I would be enjoying it, because her feet looks so sexy in those stockings, and I'll bet they're still warm and fragrant!!!