Tuesday, December 3, 2013

How do you measure up?

Me? I might make her cum once a year, but then she's really into me. After that, I'm doomed.


  1. Remember I'm a subbie so, I'm NOT bragging, I'm being honest. I'm in the 7 1/2 - 8" range and it's very thick. I enjoy a woman who is in the petite range around 5". I find that size is perfectly suckable. I't's difficult for me to give a good blow job, when my lady is over 6 1/2" because I tend to gag.

    I'm always trying to be a better cocksucker but for me smaller is better. I think that is why I'm so attracted to sissies, they tend to be more mouth size. Also because they're sissies, there very happy if anyone is willing to suck them off, so they are quick, and their balls are always full.

    So ladies if your Mistress is willing to let you get a blow job, call for the Footsniffer. I'd be glad to get on my knees for YOU!


    PS: I also suck toes really, really well. So I can perform for your Mistress too!

  2. @Joe D: In my opinion a sissy shouldn't ever be allowed to get a blowjob. We sissies should think as much as possible like women and we should pretend our useless dick is a sort of big clit: we should also be very interested in blowjobs but only in giving them to real men who deserve sexual satisfaction. So I think that every true sissy should reject your offer. Obviously this is just my humlbe opinion.
    But remember gurls, we don't get pussy we are pussy (like a blogger used to say).

    sissy alexis

  3. I just gave up and take it up the ass like the first line suggested.

  4. A chastity belt can turn most "real men" into nice "little girls" ...

  5. i'm under 3 inches

  6. Normal or erect? Cause normal around 3" erect around 6.5"