Monday, December 9, 2013

Temporary Keyholder

She's out of town this week, I'm locked up, of course, the key left in the safe care of my sister-in-law.

We had dinner at her house last night, and unlike before when Emily left the key with her sister, this time she knows what she's in charge of.

We didn't discuss it openly, but after dinner when we were sitting around the table, Emily made a small show of getting up to go get something out of her purse and came back with the small envelope in which she keeps the key.

"Thanks so much for doing this," she told her sister setting the envelope on the table.

Her sister looked at me, gave me a sly smile, "I'm happy to help out, Em," she said. "I think its…cute."

My brother-in-law, oblivious, looked up from the football game, gave his wife a 'what's that' look.

"Just a girl thing," my sister-in-law said looking back at me, "just a girl thing."

My brother-in-law went back to his game with a shrug. He knows I'm not a 'normal' guy, not that I dress up around him, that would take things too far for our comfort, but even still, it's obvious I'm different. He's nice enough to me, probably wonders what the hell his wife's sister sees in me, but why try to explain.

My wife's sister, on the other hand, is more perceptive, especially since Emily and I got married. I'm not sure if she knows the extent of everything, but she knows more and more.

And now she knows her sister's husband not only has quite the feminine streak, but she knows about the chastity cage, too. She might not want Emily and I's relationship for herself, but I think she's somewhat amused by it.


  1. OOOH will Jeff or Evan be there? One of them or perhaps both

  2. Quite an unusual, yet tittilating, circumstance sweet Sara. Indeed...

  3. It is one thing for you to be locked up by your wife. That is true enough and defining, To have your sister-in-law be the temporary key holder - knowing exactly what the key is for. That is another level still. And i suppose the most appropriate thing to say is - congratulations. Now your sister in law has a fully imprinted mental image of you. And so do you. It is extended to a new place and it cannot ever go back. In many ways i expect you find it very pleasing, another step forward. It is just a girl thing.