Sunday, December 15, 2013

When Emily makes me practice like this, I'm in chastity so I don't get distracted by my own little clit, and instead focus on the important task.


  1. I know I would have to be in chastity and probably something to keep my hands off of my breast also.

  2. It would be so easy to get distracted.

    sissy terri

  3. Sissies,

    What you all need is a subbie (like me), that is controlled by your Mistress! She could order me to my knees, and to service you orally. THEN, everytime you get close to orgasm, she makes me stop, and we watch you suck the big cock. I'd kneel next to her and watch as you wiggle, and girate, sucking that cock but wanting so much to have your orgasm.

    Once she sees you soften and relax, she just taps the back of my head and I crawl over and start sucking you again. The whole proccess can continue all afternoon, or until your Mistress gets bored. When that happens, she taps the back of my head and says "Finsih Her!", if she feels you were a good cocksucker. Or she tells us playtime is over until tomorrow, if she feels you weren't doing your best!

    So Sissies, it's all up to you! You be a good little cocksucker and you will be rewarded! FYI, I certain subbie will also get a reward if you do a good PLEASE do a good job!