Friday, January 17, 2014

That's a good little boy, stroke it for me and I'll tell you all about my night.


  1. Oh my! And then, if he's a very good little boy, maybe let him taste how good your night was?

  2. Sara,

    I think you may have posted this drawing before, BUT please don't THINK I'm complaining. I love it!!! It brings back many fond memories for me because I have done this on a few occasions. Sometimes alone; sometimes with a TS Lady or a female.

    I won’t bore you with a long post and a lot of details but if you’ll let me I’d like to share one experience. I met with a TS escort and I had requested she wear either nylons or pantyhose. She said she only had pantyhose with her but she also agreed to wear them for me. When I got to her hotel room, she asked me about why I wanted pantyhose, so I explained all about my fetishes. My love of feet and legs; my submissive natural; and my want to be with TS ladies and to serve them.

    Long story short, she thought my fetishes were interesting and she had me sock her though her pantyhose. I did right up until she shot her load, which I sucked through the nylon fabric and into my mouth. She then removed her pantyhose and slide one of the legs on my cock, until; it was right down in the foot portion and the head was right at the toe. She then had me suck and lick her feet and toes while she played with my cock. In no time I shot my load into the toe of her pantyhose!

    She then very carefully removed them from my cock and put the foot portion in my mouth and told me to suck it. When I left she gave me the pantyhose as a reminder of our time together. I wore those pantyhose many times and I played with myself while wearing them. I shot loads in the crotch and in both foot portions; many, many times….and of course I sucked them clean. I wore them out! When I threw them out they were covered with runs, and were nothing but threads.

    Anyway I’ve done a lot with ladies and TS ladies in nylons, and this drawing reminds me of all of those fun times. I may have to go buy a pair just so I can play with them. Thank you for this post!!!!