Friday, February 7, 2014

Fight it all you want, but deep inside, you know it's true.


  1. Sara,

    You couldn't be more right! The truth be known it doesn't matter if you're a Lady, sissy, subbie or even an Alpha Male. We're all slaves to cock.

    Lady's want it buried inside giving them orgasms! Many, Many orgasms!
    sissy's and subbie's want to suck it until we get that sweet, sticky, white, hot, nectar! (I have to be clear, I want shecock)
    Alpha Males want both of the above! They want us on our knees, and they want the ladies on their backs!


  2. Part of becoming a sissy is finding my heart beat faster at thoughts and visions of beautiful hard cock. i want to be that gurl in the picture. i don;t fight it anymore i know it is true. i want to fill my mouth and worship cock, i want to taste that sweet cum, on my knees, loving it, a cock loving cum slut, please give it to me....

  3. Mmm I so love cock as well as the thoughts of being more controlled or managed maybe. The thoughts of becumming an escort run rampant in my mind.

    It's so amazing really as I'm TS on HRT n someone turned me onto hypnosis like almost two years ago. I'm stacirenea on, as well as cant get over the fact how when I shake n thinking bout Hypnos n the only thing that really calms me down is either a hypno or the thought of becoming a glorified whore. Giggles