Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Good Sissy


  1. And a "Good Subbie" can do that for all the TS ladies (including you lovely sissies)!


  2. My thoughts are what this TS did before she became infatuated with being and dressing like a whore n pleasuring cocks for a living. As maybe it would help me better understand my feelings towards it all.

    I have such a craving to become a TS escort these days. Like I have to fight from letting the thoughts overpower me

  3. A thought that cums across my mind or thoughts quite frequently these days. Almost a craving really. With all I know n can do as well as the money I make. I find myself desiring a more CFM look as well as getting a more provocative line of feminine clothing or slut wear as I like to call it n get into escorting. Giggles