Sunday, February 16, 2014

How old were you when you learned that yes, size does matter?

A girl told me when I was told at 20.


  1. The day I watched my wife start drooling when nine inches as big around as a Coke can disappeared into her.

  2. I was only twelve when a girl told me my "little peepee was so cute" I remember it vividly. First time I thought that perhaps I didn't really measure up!!!

  3. Sara,

    I think I was around 15, and the perfect size is 6.5-7.5..................we are talking feet right???


    PS: On that other body part, I think 5-6 is the perfect size that way I can get it all in my mouth.

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  5. I don't remember when I found out that I wasn't average, but it wasn't for years and years. The irony for me though, is that while I'd rather have been born without one, I'm above average.

    As a "grower" instead of a "show-er," I didn't realize that I was anything out of the ordinary.



  6. I was 14. I had been going steady with the beautiful girl. I was a virgin. Needless to say she was not. When I pulled my pants down she laughed and said "it's so small." I did not lose my virginity that day but I did lose my girlfriend as she started going out with a friend of mine. I jacked off a lot that year thinking about my friend getting to fuck her.