Thursday, February 13, 2014

I miss dance class


  1. I love my dance class. I take ballet and jazz and I love being able to wear my leotards and tights in class with all the girls. Sometimes after class we all go out for coffee or to the bar next door for a drink and we all have our leotards on.


  2. i cannot dance, but i would offer a make-class or two. i am sure we can teach or learn something...

  3. Sara....for you and I, who both grew up as a boy taking ballet......... of course we miss it. There is no better place for a future sissy than in ballet. Grace, beauty, fluid movements, hair up in a bun, tights, leotard........ and have a woman teacher instruct you. All while you're surrounded by 10 girls to every boy....... with many of them going to the same school you go to, and letting all of their friends know that YOU are the boy that takes BALLET......