Monday, February 17, 2014

Mental Images

So what images where going through my mind as Emily was on top of me holding still because she knew I was going to cum the second she moved?

Images of him with her, images of him entering her, images of him fucking her. Long. Deep. Hard.

Images I can't get out of my mind. Images I never want to leave my mind. Even if she never does it again (though we both want her to), even if it is never a regular thing (it won't be with Jeff, but with someone else, who knows), even if cuckolding is a rarity, a special treat now and then...

I love the thought of a man sliding his long, thick cock into my wife.

There, I said it.

I know it's fucked up, Emily and I both know that, but then, it's our fucked up thing and we like it.


P.S. It's the last image that gets me, his cock head pushing her lips apart, opening her for the rest of him, filling her in a way I never have, and quite honestly, a way I don't really want to, anyway.


  1. Sara,

    That moment you point out? That moment when the cock spreads the pussy and slides into the eagerly awaiting place your wife needs filled? Yeah. That is the moment. Lovely image.



  2. As Leeanne said, it is a lovely image. I've seen it happen, I've even held it for him while his cock pushed her lips apart. But even the many, many times I wasn't there to see it, the image was still in my mind. Thoughts of, how it looked, the sounds she made when a real man sank deeper into her than I could ever hope to be, the number of orgasms he could give her in one night. More than I could hope to give her in a week. All of those lovely, lovely images.

  3. You gurls are so absolutely right!

    i totally love and adore my Wife and Mistress. That's why i support Her to live out all the lust She wants. And seeing Her lips being spread by His Cock, listening to Her sounds of pleasure... Well, it's almost as close as if He would slide His Cock into me, making me feel His full strength and dominance right within Her body...! Simply mind blowing!

    sissy moan

  4. The very first second of penetration as he enters my wife is such a powerful image.