Wednesday, February 19, 2014

"Remember," Emily said last night as she clicked the lock on the chastity cage shut, pulled up my panties, and smoothed the hem of my maid's uniform back in place, "the longer this is on the more special it is when it comes off."

That's the normalcy of things, of course. 

Coming home after work, cooking dinner, straightening up.

Bringing her a glass of wine, listening to her talk about her day.

Massaging her feet while she unwinds.

Checking things off the list of chores I perform.

Doing laundry in the evening while she's on the computer, getting in an hour of work after dinner.

Getting up early on the weekends, showering, getting dressed in a pretty maid's uniform, bringing her coffee in bed.

And spending time between her legs, her pleasure becoming my pleasure until that next special time.


  1. I call this life you describe heaven.

  2. i love this list, doing everything i can to take care of her. All locked underneath my dress, proud to be in chastity for her for as long as she deems it to be so.

  3. How i would love to be this maid and do what she has to do, keep myself lookinfg pretty all the time for her...Heaven