Saturday, March 22, 2014


"You like this, don't you," Emily said, watching me watch her in the candlelight. "You like watching me touch myself?"

"Yes," I said softly, afraid even to speak.

"Is it your favorite thing? Or would your rather lick me instead, taste me?"

"I…I don't know," I blushed. "It…it's different."

She inhaled deeply, her eyes fluttered, her body shook. "I love your tongue, Sara, love feeling you taste me, love thinking about it…my pretty little sissy making love to me…like a girl."

It was my turn to sigh, wishing I was free, wishing I was unlocked, wishing, wishing. "Em…"

"But that's not what I'm thinking about now," she managed to spit out before she started shaking harder.

"What," I asked, but I knew, I knew.

"I want to do it again," she said, rubbing still.

"But he…"

"I know, not him…"

"Who," I asked; she hadn't mentioned anyone, anything.

"I don't know, there's no one, but…"


"I…I like…I liked it so much, and…"

"Yes," I knew what she meant, what she wanted to say, but she said it anyway.

"And so did you." She orgasmed again, shook, over and over. "I want to again…."

"Yes," I said softly, "yes, yes, yes."

After, we cuddled, she hesitated, "Sara?"

"Yes," I asked.

"I...I want to...I don't have to...and if you don't want..."



"Don't say, Emily, know I want to, too."

"I like him...Jeff...he was so..."

"Alpha," I suggested.

She laughed. "Yea...I was going to say dominant, but I suppose it's one in the same."

"Know the difference between you and Jeff," she whispered in my ear. "Jeff wanted to get into my panties but in a very different way than you."

"But he..."

"I know...he's right, but not right," she said, "but someone like him...strong, secure...unthreatened by you."

"Evan was..."

"Too far away," she said, laughed. "Maybe we'll never find the right one, but...I want to keep an open mind...if you do..."

I did, I do, I always have.


Many people may not understand it, understand me, understand us, but I do. It's strange, but it is. So confusing, but it is.

"Have you...met someone," I asked, thinking about the last time she was out with friends, Wednesday night."

"No. I mean, there were some guys there, but no, no one special. I just want to be, I don't know, I want to have talked about it if I do. If I did."


"We'd still talk about it, but I just wanted to talk about it first."

"Yes," I said again. "Yes."


  1. Dear Sara,

    This was such a lovely post sweet girl. And yes, some of us do understand. I do. The tension and the pleasure - the anticipation my cheerleader and, by extension, I, experience as she contemplates finding a man to bring her the pleasure a woman can only receive from a man, is perhaps more exquisite (although likely not) than the actual taking of her by an alpha male. Knowing that you want it as desperately as she does, I believe, means more to her than sissies such as us may ever comprehend.

    Thank you for sharing this moment with us.



  2. What a wonderful post! We always get to read the fantasy material, about how she just did it and told us about it later. But the reality is that it's better if she talks about it first, before she does it.

    Leeanne has it right, we want it as much as she does, perhaps even more than she does. I think we live vicariously through them, and we're not able to do it, so we want them to.

    And if they love us too, they usually don't want to hurt us. They don't want to cheat on us. But they do need to feel it, need to feel a man's cock in them, need to feel the pleasure that it gives them. It's reassuring when they know we want that as much or more than they do.