Thursday, March 13, 2014

"Come lick me clean, sissy," she whispered when she got home, "come lick every last drop."

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  1. Sara, Leeanne & Kaaren,

    I've never had the pleasure of enjoying something like this, so I wanted to ask you lovely sissies a couple of questions.

    Which do YOU prefer, getting your cum from your lady or direct from her lover?
    Is there a flavor difference when you get it from the cock or from an overflowing pussy?
    Can you describe the difference?
    And finally in your opinion, what is more submissive, sucking your lady's lover until he shoots in your mouth? Or licking her after he shot in her?

    Now I've read a lot of your posts so I KNOW how talented you are in your writing skills. PLEASE answer for this lowly subbie to enjoy?