Friday, March 21, 2014

Hourly Inspection

If, by chance, you let your sissy clean house free from her chastity cage, it's important to constantly monitor her for erections, for an erect clit is often the downfall of a sissy.

Remember, sissy, keep it soft or it gets kept in chastity.


  1. Sissy Sindee Says: Sara, After several weeks of trying I have managed to lock my CB6000 S on for the first time just this morning. If you remember I am the sissy that had trouble getting the ring around my sissy sack. After years of fantizing and dreaming of being locked up I could never discribe they feeling I am expirencing since I slipped the little brass lock through the pin and snapped the lock tight. Ironically it is akin to the first time I masterbated as a your teen. For the first time in years I feel complete. Like I am as I should be. This is reaffirmed everytime I reach down to touch myself and feel nothing. The sensation of touch being replaced by the sound of my fingernails hitting the hard plastic cage.

    I had to remove it after a half hour because of discomfort from being jammed in and getting pinched. I put it on a second time paying more attention to how I was arranged and Hoplefully I got it right for longer term. I think I see why it is often referred to as Chasitity Training as weaing this will take some getting use to in more ways then one.

    On the up side I have not orgasimed since last weekend so I can expirence true denial providing the slight discomfort does not become painful.

    I would like to thank you as your blog helped to provide the inpiration to by the CB6000s.

  2. Love those shoes. I want them.....

  3. i am in my CB6000s every day. you will soon love it.