Thursday, March 6, 2014


I love mystery, the thought of not knowing whose cock she's guiding into my mouth, who she decided would be the man she watched take her sissy. She would know, but I never would, the man I sucked, the man who took me.

"You know him," she whispered as I opened my mouth and his cock slipped between my lips.

I gasped, but I didn't pull back; I couldn't, she held my chin, my head, pulled me forward.

I'd always wonder, forever, when I saw any man I knew. Was he the one? Was his cock in my mouth? Was it his cum I swallowed.

It was such a wicked plan, a fatal blow to my remaining masculinity. How could I pretend to be an equal to any man I knew when he might be the one who saw me at my most feminine? Thereafter, I'd feel submissive to every man I knew, for while I only sucked one cock, it was if I'd sucked them all.

"Such a good girl," she said louder as I took him deeper inside my mouth. "Such a good, good girl."

I sucked one cock, I swallowed one man's cum. But the reality was, I did to every man I knew.


  1. Wow, what an idea!!! I find that to be very very hot. omg there is something stirring in my panties. Hugs and Kisses, regina

  2. Sara, what an interesting game to play! Many years ago I wrote a story about me playing with a Mistress. She was using a strap on for me to suck. She put a blindfold on me, and tied my hands behind my back. Then she was wandering around in her room and when she came back she shoved her "cock" in my mouth.

    In the story, it wasn't until she whispered in my ear what a "good cocksucker" I was, and then pulled off the blindfold, that I found out I was giving her boyfriend a blowjob.

    I've never done that in real life and I don't have the desire to be with a man, but it was a fun story to write. I've written a number of stories on topics that aren't linked to my fetish and I have been published a couple of times in magazines like Penthouse, Leg Show, etc. I like reading erotica, and I enjoy writing it as well. I’ve written stories for a few famous TS Ladies and one was published on her website.

    I’m not sure while I feel I have to give you my resume, I guess it’s because I‘ve read all of your works and I respect your talent???