Thursday, March 13, 2014

Panty Girdle

"But...but that's for girls," I said to my aunt when she took the panty girdle out of her drawer and held it out to me. I was seven at the time, and while I'd worn lingerie before, this was different, my mother was at my aunt's house too.

"Yes," she said, "and for controlling naughty little boys."

"But...but Aunt Betty," I swallowed, looked to the bedroom door.

"Come now, you think she doesn't know what we do?" My eyes went wide, I'd always assumed this was our secret. "Come out when you're dressed, she wants to see."

I swallowed, took the garment from her, reluctantly pulled it up my legs, shaking as I did. "There," my aunt said, "so much better. Now, let's go show her, shall we."

I've kind of had a thing for panty girdles ever since that day.


  1. I used to sneak and wear my older sister's long leg girdle and also have a thing for girdles. I also enjoy wearing an all-in-one body briefs. I always wear one whenever I am dressed as a woman.

  2. When I was a sophomore in high school in 1966, my mother only wore deep flimsy garter belts, one sister had only one little lace garter belt, and another sister, a senior in high school, had a few light :"girdles" - barely, for holding up stockings. Then one day she came home from shopping with mom, and tossed a shopping bag on her bed and went down to the kitchen to use the phone. I had no reason to be optimistic, but I was curious, and there was no one else upstairs.

    I slipped into her room and checked the bag. My God! There were TWO REAL GIRDLES! One light blue, one cream, but both were long-leg, paneled pull-on girdles with some real control. I can still remember the Playtex Double Diamond tags and the lovely feel on the hand of the fresh, new powernet and even the weight of these triple-panel beauties.

    It was a few days before I could safely try one on with total privacy, but what a delight! That was the first of many, many wearings. Regretfully, this was about at the end of obligatory girdle wearing era for teen women, and she never got another girdle to match those double diamond beauties. In fact, I think those girdles never got much wear and washings, because they were still like new years later -- maybe they were a bit too firm or too tight for Sis? When I wore one of those girdles, I usually imaged myself also wearing a pretty, soft dress, petticoat, stockings, and heels, before getting caught by my stern, beautiful, fashionable neighbor. In those imaginings, she would call me over to her house, find ways to embarrass me further before taking me over her stockinged knees, raising my skirt and petticoat, and warming my bottom right through the tight girdle. She would start with her hand, but always finish with her hairbrush while scolding me and calling me a sissy nancy girl. For my erotic pleasure, I needed to wear the girdle, but it was enough to just imagine all the other fripperies a sissy enjoys -- the stockings, dresses, petticoats, silk slips and chemises, long-line bras and bustiers, gloves, and jewelry.

  3. hi there just came across this posting giggle

  4. There were many times I enjoyed myself with my aunts panty girdles. The more the better when I tried them on. Loved the feeling and actually ejaculated because of the tightness a time or to. i also found my mothers rubberized platex girdle in the original box. When I took it out it was powdered in order to get into it. giggle I was excited and scared beyond believe but manage at least once to try it on and absolutely loved the feeling. Girdles are still my favorite woman undergarments. steph

  5. Isn't it very much about that "hugged" feeling-the uniform tightness thoughout-as though this garment was made just for you--