Sunday, March 30, 2014

Perfect way to hide your useless penis


  1. Exactlt right! Tued and folded held in place by Lycre or Sapndex!!!

  2. And also a perfect way to dress sissy for his regular maintenance spanking -- girdled in the morning for his spanking that evening. The squeeze and constriction of the girdle keeps him focused all day long on what lies in store for him later -- another trip over his Mistress's knees. Triple-layer powernet flatten his tummy, but a single layer of powernet in back with artful seaming lifts and rounds his naughty bottom, so it tacitly begs for the sound spanking that's coming.

    When sissy has disappointed Mistress, he finds these "spanking pants" left out on his bed with a pair of tight, firm, shiny Spanx pantyhose, as well. The Spanx go on first, and his bottom cheeks are a bit more flattened. That is perfect, because he knows that a naughty sissy brings his Mistress the leather paddle when she calls him for his discipline. The Spanx and girdle hardly offer a whit of protection from the paddle, and the sharp paddling goes on, and on, and on! Sissy's hot bottom cheeks have usually cooled down thoroughly by the next morning, when he is finally allowed to peel off the girdle and Spanx. By then, all he can think about is how he can please his Mistress, without fail.