Tuesday, March 25, 2014


We were in the basement, the three of us, Kelly, my wife, bent over the table, knowing both of us were staring at her, knowing the reaction she would get.

He finally looked away from my wife's ass, looked at me. I nodded, lowered my eyes, a symbolically submissive gesture, and he knew then we were not kidding. She was his if he wanted her and it was obvious he did.

"I was going to make a joke, Kelly," he said to my wife as he spread his legs in an equally dominant gesture.

"What's that," she looked over her shoulder, saw the two of us.

"I was going to say instead of playing for cash maybe he and I should play for you."

"You shouldn't tease a girl," she smiled at him.

"And you shouldn't tease a man," he threw back.

"I'm not teasing, Ryan," she said, suddenly serious.

"Neither am I," he responded, looked at me with a 'what about him' look.

Kelly looked over to me. "Hon, why don't you go get things ready upstairs for us," she said softly, "okay?"

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