Thursday, April 24, 2014


Almost shy, she held her panties out to me with one hand, the other, for modesty's sake, covering herself. "I...I'm sorry, he...he didn't use're kind of," she paused, swallowed, "messy."

I stared at the black lace, thought back several hours when I helped her into them, when I gently pulled the thong between her cheeks. I felt pressure in my groin as I swelled in the pink chastity cage, my constant companion for the last month. "Jessica," I practically shuddered seeing the liquid, the drop form and start to fall. "That...that's his...?"

"Yes," she swallowed again.

"I..." What could I say, presented with the reality of a thousand fantasies.

"Hurry," she held them out. "Panties first. Then..." She lowered her voice to a whisper, a desperate need, a longing desire. "Then me."


  1. First, I freaking love this photo. Second, the image your caption creates is wonderful.



  2. What is there to say except "thank you". Such pretty panties, Knowing what they hold. The promise of being being able to bury my face in the place i most adore, to taste her and to taste him as i seek to please her with my tongue.