Thursday, April 24, 2014


What are you going to do, presented with the choice?

For a man, there is no decision; 

He approaches the wall;

He closes his eyes;

And he enjoys her moist, practiced mouth.

Think you're a man?

What's that feeling?

The weakness in your knees; 

The urge to turn to the right, not the left;

The desire to serve, not be serviced.

The hunger.

The need.

The saliva forming in your mouth.

You pretend to be a man;

You pretend to want a woman;

You pretend to be straight;

You pretend so many things.

But in the end, you're just like her;

On your knees, mouth open;


Hungry for cock.

Adapted from, and all credit to Sissy Humiliation: Whatcha Gonna Do?:


  1. Lovely decision making tree - so well planted into our brains

  2. I' so hungry for cock! Today I am going to put on a pair of my wife's panties and go suck some cock at the local adult book store.

  3. i am definitely turning to the right. i want that cock in my mouth and i want it standing at attention. Until i am done that is..

  4. One look at that delicious cock, and I was already dropping to my stocking covered knees, without ever even noticing there was another choice.

  5. A life long fantasy of mine. My Mistress watching me as I kneel and move to the right.

  6. I don't get erect so I cannot possibly turn to the left. The person behind the lips would tell me go away!

  7. That is pure evil, Sara! God, here I am trying to live my quiet life of repression and denial, and that you have to go and throw THAT in my face! I mean, almost literally, right in my face!

    Yes, that is truly THE test, dammit... my choice should be obvious. Did I pass or fail?