Saturday, April 12, 2014

Gym Class

Showers were mandatory in gym class at my school and this picture pretty much sums up the humiliation I faced every single day.


  1. Oh yes, when I was a teenager my family moved and I had to finish the last two years at a new school! It was bad enough being new, but I was new, small, bad at sports, shy. lonely and introverted! I was also very....shall we say...diminutive compared to all the hormone raging boys around me! Gym was torture!
    I had a councilor who took pity and got me into a dance class to fulfill my phys. ed. requirement. I liked it but you can imagine what that did to my already limited social life....
    Sorry to get so wordy but this picture sets off a lot of bad memories!!!

    1. Sorry to hear that Kaaren, though I guess you did have someone help you.

      I had the opposite problem. Another boy and me were the early puberty achievers, and it felt really weird to shower in front of a bunch of guys with no body hair while we were like werewolves or something. Everyone was staring!

      I guess what we should say is that Gym showers were uncomfortable for everyone!

  2. Kaaren, that's about as long as iive seen you write darling. I can relate. I had a nudity-taboo type childhood. Even casually seeing family members nude just didn't happen. So when I was on a school holiday camp and had communal shower it was like a sexual awakening bomb going off! There were plenty of other hard young cocks but my own seemed unbearably humiliating. How could I walk to the cubicle with this unmissable thing poking out in front?!
    I was also a skinny kid. I remember lieng about my weight in one class because I was embarrassed to be so much lighter than others in the clsss.

    Its like a therapy session in here :)