Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Emily: Looks like you're 'still a girl' and, good or bad, I have discovered what a real penis, er, cock, is like.

Me: You say that like those are bad things.

Emily: Bad? Oh, no, love, I think it's a great thing. Both of them.


  1. Funny thing is even though I'm almost at 8 I'd rather be be in cute panties

    1. Please, I hope that he can stand my question. Is it possible to increase the size?
      If there is an alone possibility, I would need to be able to use it.
      Though it has the same emotional needs.
      Thank you very much and please, excuse if he cannot stand my question.

    2. Sorry babe, there's no real way to really increase your size. I'm sure yours is adorable though.

    3. Thank you very much for her attention and his response. Please, forgive the inconveniences. Kind Regards.