Monday, May 5, 2014

A Husband's Gift

A man lasts as long as he needs,
Until she's shaking, moaning, screaming his name;
Slowly, in and out, deeper and deeper, 
Thrust after thrust after thrust;
Until there's nothing in her universe but him.
His scent, his strength, his masculinity, and his cock.
He makes her forget her job, her husband, her friends,
Everything that ever was melts away.
He rocks his hips slowly,
Thrust after thrust after thrust;
He lets it build up, her pleasure, her needs.
For those few hours, for the time she gets away,
His cock becomes everything, the only thing.
Yet, it's at the moment of her deepest pleasure,
That she thinks of you, her husband, your love for her,
Hers for you. It's at this moment her love is the greatest,
For giving her this precious gift of cock. 


  1. Oh dear, that is so nice! That should be required reading (and viewing) for every sissy wife with a little sissy clitty!

  2. Dear Sara,

    Yes! I believe it is just this way. Just so. As it should be. The truest of love at the truest moment for it to matter. Lovely post!



  3. Beautifully put Sara! I have looked into her eyes as she cums with a mans cock inside her and all I see is love!

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