Friday, May 2, 2014

Dual Posters

"What's this," I innocently asked my wife, finding the new poster hanging on the back of the closet door.

"Oh, that," she smiled, "it's a poster of sexual positions I want to try."

"But...but why...why are only four of them circled," he asked looking closely, seeing a pattern between those circled and those not circled.

"Those are the ones I want to try with you, sweetie," she smiled.

"But...but none of those are...I mean...those are all...oral sex. And like, the guy doing the woman."

"Hmmm," his wife smiled. "The guy...or the sissy."

"What about the rest of them," he demanded.

"The rest? Oh, I want to try all of those, too, in fact, I circled those on the other poster."

"The...the other one?"

"Yea, the other one, the one hanging on the back of my boyfriend's door."

Source | PurePlay


  1. i can't imagine what the problem might be. Those are my favorite positions also.

  2. I could actually see myself in some of the other positions too...not as the male though...

  3. Where can you get posters like those???

  4. Great blog post, hon! Anyway, why would you think she'd want to do those other ones with you? :)



  5. haha, the little circles are pink

    love that

    bet they're not pink on the boyfriend's poster