Monday, May 26, 2014

The New World Order

There are a bunch of blogs, call them "Red Pill Blogs" that instruct men on how to be alpha men, how to take charge of their relations with women. They separate men into two types, the aforementioned alpha and the so-called beta, orbiter, provider, feminized, sexless, cuckold.

Most guys, I presume, read these "Red Pill Blogs" to learn how to be better, stronger, more masculine men, but for me, they are kind of a "what not to do."

Being, you know, the sissy cuckold that I am.*

*It's not that I don't like sex with women, it's just that for whatever reason, I'm more turned on serving a as a woman's sissy than pretending and trying to be her man. 

Chastity + Strap-on > Regular Intercourse


  1. i LOVE this post!

  2. Beautiful. Better to be her locked up sissy and appreciated as such than pretending to be a man when everything inside screams sissy.