Thursday, May 8, 2014

Weeks and weeks and weeks*

2 weeks since I've been milked

4 weeks since I've been unlocked

6 weeks since I've had an actual erection

8 weeks since I've had full on orgasm

10 weeks since I've been inside Emily

And god knows how long since I actually had an orgasm inside her 

*Not me, but I'm just as small, cute, and sexy


  1. Lovely. I keep thinking about things are going with you two. Great to get updates Sara xx

  2. Yeah, me too, hon. It's been so long since I was allowed inside Teri that I don't remember when it was. And the last time, she made me stop in the middle of it, telling me that she wasn't enjoying it.



  3. i understand this life - i am this life, and so enjoy it