Thursday, June 5, 2014


Emily laughed when I once told her I always fantasized, but never experienced, a woman coming to the door wearing a trench coat with nothing but lingerie underneath.

"What's so funny?"

"I dated a guy who used to fantasize about the same thing; it was a great birthday present."

" mean..."

"Yea, he loved it."


  1. Substitute a faux fur coat for a trench coat and 'yes, Roy loved it."

  2. Oh my. I once was cucked by a beautiful girl. When her lover went on a business trip, I bought her a very sexy and feminine teddy to wear for him. On the day he was flying back home, she wore that teddy with high heels and a trench coat. She said that he was so worked up at seeing her like that that they had to find a secluded spot to fuck on the way home. She said they made love at least twice when they got back to his place, and again in the morning. When she returned home the next day, she was very sore from all of the sexual activity. I had to be very gentle with my tongue and lips as I addressed my clean up duty.