Thursday, July 3, 2014


Here's the thing, it doesn't matter how small your sissy's clit is, it doesn't matter if her erections are a thing of the past, she should always be locked in chastity, always.


  1. i agree, and Mistress Barbara insists.

  2. Sara,

    I know this isn't what YOU had in mind when you posted this but this is,exactly what I'm looking for in a wife! A beautiful, adventurous, sexy lady; with a cute little cock that I can suck.

    Wonderful photo!


  3. This is me, in my mind. My forever desire has been to be the receptive bride of a 2 Gurl couple. Receiving another Gurl is wonderful. As a Bride would be heavenly. Men are ok, as a hard one is good to find. Gurls are so much better. Always in sheer hosiery, receiving while on my back will send over the edge if not already there. BTW, thank you for the lovely Blog. xoxo Betty

  4. I'm in love. He is lovely with that sweet little cock that I know I could make it grow in my mouth.

    Alice, the cock sucking sissy