Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Seeing their wife get dressed in a low cut top, short shorts, and heels, to meet a friend for a drink, most guys would order her to get changed.

But I'm a sissy.

So when Emily got dressed this evening to meet a 'friend' for a drink, I didn't tell her to change, I told her go have fun, and good luck, and I hoped it went well her new 'friend', a guy she met at a wedding a few weeks ago, a guy who very well may be that next guy (more on the wedding later).

And yes, my clit is soooo swollen right now. So, so swollen. Because I really don't want it to go well, but also really, really want it to go well at the same time.

I mean, fuck, I'm shaking right now. From anxiousness, jealousy, and excitement.

Like how excited? My panties are wet. Yes, wet. Like a girl, wet. Because I'm leaking, literally leaking. 

I know it's wrong to some but not to us. 

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