Thursday, July 17, 2014

He's the kind of man...

"I need to go shopping," she said.

"For," I asked.

"Well, we need to go shopping," she corrected herself.

"For," I asked again, looked to the kitchen.

"No," she laughed. "Not groceries. I want to buy something to Saturday."

"Oh," I looked down.

"You're funny."


"That forlorn look you have, the 'my wife needs to go buy a dress to wear on her date' it's a bad it doesn't turn you on like nothing else turns you on. Like you aren't fantasizing about it every night when you drift off to sleep. That look, like I want it more than you, like you're just going along...when it's all you want, when surrendering me to a man is everything."


"Am I wrong?"

"No," I swallowed.

"You want it."

"Yes," I said, "yes, you know, yes."

"That's why I love the forlorn look, love," she said, "that's what turns me on so much, that's what makes it so much more than just a date with some guy. I want you to want to share give me to him."

"Emily," I was breathing heavily.

"You know I'll never leave you, right? Never, Sara, never."

"Yes," I looked at her, she meant it, totally, fully.

"He's the kind of man who...he asked about you."

"What?" I sat upright. "What do you mean?"

"If...if you knew..."

"What'd you say," I demanded.

She smiled. "Of course he knows. I...I told him you're...different."


"Not Sara different, just, I don't know, different, different."

"You'''ll like him...he's so...sorry, I don't want to get ahead of myself, here, fuck, we haven't even done anything. He's so...he's the kind of man who...he's so..."

"He's so what," I asked.

"I asked him if he knew what cuckolding."

"Jesus, what'd he say," I said. "Em!"

She smiled. "He texted me back, right away. Something like, 'I'm going on a date with a married woman, of course I know what cuckolding is.' I asked him if he was sure, if he really knew."

"Does...does he?"

"He's the kind of man...he didn't answer...but he said I...we...need to go shopping."

"Yes...Emily, does...does he? Does he know?"

"He said...he said we're going to dinner at..." She named a restaurant, a good one, a great one. That happened to be connected to a hotel in his city.

"Em...does he?"

"He said...he said to buy a new dress...he said you need to buy me a new that...that's..."

"That's what?"

She swallowed. "That's sexier than I'd normally wear, that's more...revealing."


"Tell me, you think he knows?"


"You think he's the kind of man who knows what cuckolding is?"

"Emily," I half moaned.

"He wants you to buy me a dress, Sara, for our date; tell me, does he know?"

I don't think a guy that just wanted to fuck her would give a fuck what she told her husband about their date. Maybe I was reading too much, maybe I was too hopeful. Maybe I was playing out fiction in my mind. Maybe. But I think he might know. Whether he knew before, I think he knows now.

"I want a dress that tells him that...that I'm his...that we know I'm his...if he wants." She showed me a picture on her phone. "Something like this."

I just stared, mumbled something.

"I want to buy something else, too."

"What," I asked.

"Something...something to wear later, too. Something else to let him know I'm his after dinner, too."


  1. Wow Saragirl. This is beautifully written. I can feel the tension in your discussion. So many possibilities of how things might pan out. And those pictures at the end. That nighty is the equivalent of a tattoo that says 'Fuck me hard right now!'
    Good luck.

  2. I want this for you Sara. I know you and Emily want it too. It will be wonderful.



  3. This is getting better and better.
    Maybe Matthew is the answer to your prayers.
    Maybe, when you go shopping, you should buy a bottle of Bourbon too.

  4. Here I thought she was going shopping to buy the husband a dress and lingerie to go with it.
    I do like the dress, wish I had one like it.

  5. Helping her to shop for the dress and lingerie is such a a special part of this tale. So exciting Sara. Emily is preparing to do what you want her to do, to go out and get fucked by a lover, With more than your permission, with your desire for her to do so, with all three of you knowing that you want this for her and for you. Picking out a sexy dress and lingerie for her to wear and present herself to him on her date makes you such a part of it. Being the sissy cuckold you want to be. Such a gift to her. i expect you will be looking forward to cleanup duty if things go as planned. That will be a moment of true acknowledgement, devotion and transition. Good luck. It sounds beautiful.