Saturday, July 26, 2014


I sat down on the couch next to Emily, handed her a cup of coffee. She was wearing a satin slip, I wore a satin cami and short set.

"Thanks, pet," she smiled.

"Hmmm," I playfully purred in response, just stared at her for a minute until she finally spoke again.

"I have a date tonight," she said like she was pinching herself.

"Are you trying to make me uncomfortable," I said, she knew what I meant.

"No...yes...I don't know...I think I just like knowing you're looking forward, too."

"I am," I said, paused, took a sip of coffee. "This..."


"I feel like...we keep talking about this...this is different, isn't it. I mean...he's different."

She laughed. "You keep getting ahead of yourself."

"Why are you laughing?"

"Because it's cute."


"How even the thought of a dominant man in my life...our life...gets you all twisted inside."


"Don't 'Em' me, I've heard that expression of feigned shock enough. Like you're hiding something from me? You're naturally submissive, I mean, duh. Don't tell me you don't fantasize about a man taking on a dominant role in our marriage."

I tried not to close my eyes, but couldn't help it, had to simply to breath.

"Of course he's different, it's like we're all auditioning to play a very specific part."

"Do you think...that's what he wants," I asked.

"I don't know but I think he wants more than just sex," Emily said. "I mean, that too, of course. But we'll see, won't we."

"You have a date tonight," I said.

"I know, " she smiled, "I know. Nervous?"

"Yes...I mean...he...he's picking you up."

"Yea," she said. "That's what makes him different, right?" I looked away, took a sip of coffee. "Look at you, Sara," she touched my arm. "He's not even here and you already feel submissive, don't you?"

"Is that what he wants," I asked.

She laughed again. "You're so predictable."

"Did you talk to him about it?"

"Lover, you don't have to ask a man something like that, you just know. Girls talk about their feelings, men act on their feelings. Girls sit around and ask each other, 'do you think he likes me, do you think he wants me, do you think he thinks I'm cute?' That's what girls do." She looked at me, it was obvious that included me. "Men don't talk about things like that, men just do and let women figure out what it means."

"So you think he likes," I asked, realizing I just confirmed what she said when she smiled.

"Look at his actions, love, don't worry about his words."

"I'm nervous," I admitted.

"Me, too."

We looked at each other, drank our coffee, but didn't say it. Didn't say stop. Didn't say no. Didn't say wait. No. We wanted it. We both wanted it.

"He's so confident," I said, "so sure of himself."

"He's a man, love, he's a man."

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  1. Oh Sara! I'm so looking forward to it too. I'm really looking forward to hearing all about it, hearing how her date goes, hearing about any interactions you have with him. I really do hope it goes as well as you're anticipating.