Saturday, July 26, 2014

Last Update for tonight

He said to text you that I'm almost home and that he's dropping me off but not coming in. This time. Oh, fuck, love, this time!!!!!

I'm shaking...I"m fucking shaking...and I can't wait to see her. And kiss her. And touch her.


  1. I can't imagine how you feel. How will Emily return to you, dishevelled, hair tousled, lipstick smeared, stockings laddered or taken off, knickers removed as a trophy for her studs wall? Imagine another man has kissed her, fondled her and penetrated her. Will you satisfy her when she next lets you?

  2. Dear Sara,
    Will you buy Her flowers to thank Her for sending you to the moon?
    a poet

  3. Six months in the future....

    So Sara, we are happy you understand why it would be easier for Matthew to move in, after all he spends most nights here now and given you've moved into the spare bedroom it makes sense. We are absolutely delighted you've agreed to become our full-time maid, it'll make life so much us easier for Matthew and I. We've purchased you some lovely maid outfits to wear and we are arranging a party in a month to celebrate the changes, of course you will be expected to serve at it.

    You also need to be rewarded for your service to us. Therefore Matthew has arranged for you to be booked into a clinic, you'll leave a sperm sample for safe keeping before having a vasectomy, now I'm not on the pill Matthew doesn't want anymore unneutered males in the house. Most excitingly of all, Matthew has arranged for you to start hormones. Once you've developed enough we will induce lactation, which will help me in the future. Now do you have any questions?

  4. Looking forward to the post-mortem on her date night.


  5. What a wonderful set of updates, Sara! They're fabulous, and so are you!

    I hope you can imagine how many of us out here are living vicariously through your current experiences.

    Love and xoxoxo


  6. Sara, please post again soon. Do you realise how many of us are out here.. waiting (impatiently) on every word of your blog. Love it.