Saturday, July 12, 2014


"I have a surprise for you," my wife whispered in my ear as I tasted my first cock, "you know when I said you didn't know him? Well, I lied."


  1. Ah, Sara, you have followed this tummy tingling fantasy before. And please do it again!
    Who’s penis is it? A friend, a colleague, someone close, someone he hardly knows? A possible lover to his wife? The poor mite will shiver anytime he misconstrues something any man says to him.
    “Is your mouth full?” “You have something on your lips.” “Suck it up pal!”
    Poor sissy, he will never be the same in male company.

    Deborah Ford

  2. I remember that wonderful story of yours too....... your fantasy of going through life not knowing WHICH of your friends and fellow workers, etc had their wonderful penis in YOUR mouth........ Yet One person knows....and of course Emily too.
    Would Evan ever consider it? Will Emily ever allow you to have those perky breasts that you so very much want?
    Sara, I love you so very much......