Monday, July 7, 2014

Wedding Followup

We were at a wedding on Saturday, a mutual friend’s daughter. Emily looked stunning (shocking), in a black and white patterned wrap dress and black, ankle strap sandals. Truly stunning. I wore a dark blue suit, pink shirt, striped tie, just panties underneath covering my chastity cage.

During the minister’s remarks at the ceremony, he asked the open question to the audience, “What advice can you give this beautiful, young couple what is the secret of a happy marriage?” Several people, when prompted, gave customary answers. Communication. God. Commitment, etc. 

We happen to be sitting next to a man we didn’t know, an fit, handsome guy in his mid-40’s. We hadn’t talked to him before or during the ceremony. Emily, who was holding my hand, squeezed it as if she wanted to say something to me. I looked over at her, but she had leaned not towards me, but to the guy next to her. I saw his eyes eyes go wide, then he laughed, as she said something quiet in his ear.

I squeezed her hand, but she just looked over at me, smiled, mouthed, “later.”

After the ceremony, as we were walking to the reception line, I stopped to talk to someone, Emily and the stranger exchanged a word or two; Emily stopped, waited for me, took my hand. “What did you say to him,” I asked quietly.

She waited until we were in line, leaned towards me, whispered in my ear. “The question was what’s the secret to a happy marriage? I said a devoted husband and a hot boyfriend.” We were at the bride and groom, so I could say nothing, to Emily, only congratulate the happy couple. But as we left the line, I noticed the man watching us, he smiled at Emily, she smiled back, her smile that was part coy, part innocent, part tigress. 

As soon as we were in the car to drive to the reception, I turned to her. “You’re horrible,” I said in jest. “Who is he? Did you see how he was staring at you?” 

“Don’t know him, just some random hot guy,” she smiled. “And yes, I saw how he was staring at me. It was nothing, just innocent flirting.” 

“Just innocent flirting,” I questioned, unsure of this, torn. “He’s going to take it more than innocent, I saw how he looked at you.”

“I can easily avoid him at the reception,” she squeezed my hand, “if you’d prefer. Or I could have a little fun with him...and you, too.” Her voice gave away what she wanted; it had been some time since Jeff, several months of work, house, little fantasy of this sort. 

“What kind of fun,” I asked.

“Oh, I think you know the kind of fun, love,” she smiled. “It’s been too long and I...I miss it.”


“That too,” she grinned.

“Emily, are...are you sure this is the place.”

“What better place to get laid than a wedding,” she asked.

“You don’t even know his name,” I frowned.

“Matthew,” she said, “I asked the bride. He’s someone’s cousin, I forget who. He lives a little north of the city, he works in finance, but up, not here,” she meant the city 45 minutes north. “Oh, and he’s divorced. And single.”

My mouth was agape. “You got all this from her in the reception line?”

“Yea...I said a friend of yours noticed him and was interested.”

I realized what she said a minute ago. “Emily, seriously, you don’t mean that.”

“Do you think I’d fuck some random guy? Seriously? Is that what you actually think? That I’m some kind of slut?”

“No,” I looked down. Perhaps for a ‘normal’ couple there would be no distinction, but there was for us, both in attitude and practicality. 

“I know, someone who…who’s……”

“Like Evan?’

“Yes,” she said, “but closer.”

“You want a boyfriend,” I said, calling it what it was.

“We’ve talked about this, Sara,” she touched my leg. “Maybe. I mean, with the right person? What if Evan lived closer, you’d like that...or at least like to explore it.”


“Maybe,” she laughed. “Maybe? I don’t like to date, you know that, isn’t that one of the reasons we only dabble in this? If it wasn’t for work, wouldn’t you have wanted to take things further with Jeff? Wouldn’t you like someone that was good for both of us?”

“You think this is that guy?” The pit in my stomach was familiar, it was there anytime she expressed interest in a guy, but the excitement was there, too. Right or wrong, we are not a normal couple, we don’t have normal couple norms

“Who knows,” she shrugged, “probably not. But this is safe, right? He fucking knows I’m married, why not take dip a toe in the water.”

“You’re just going to flirt.”

“Like tonight? Yea, of course. I’m never screwing some random guy. Never.”

“He’s going to ask.” About me.


“And you’re going to say…?”

“Well, when it come up, I’m going to tell him that my husband and I have a unique relationship, I’m going to motion you’ll hang nearby...introduce you...and ask you to get us another drink. Which you’ll do. And he’ll either get it or he won’t.”

And he did.

She motioned me over as she said she would, before dinner, introduced Matthew to me. “Poor Matthew’s here without a date,” she said, “I’ve been keeping him company, you don’t mind, do you?”

“No,” I said softly, looking down, shy, not meaning to, unable not to. “You know I don’t. I’m glad you found someone to talk to, Matthew,” I said.

“See, I told you he doesn’t mind,” Emily touched my arm, “a woman couldn’t ask for a more devoted husband, could she, I’m very lucky.” 

I sensed the opening, decided to jump in with both feet. “Can I get you another drink, Em,” I asked my wife.

“Yes, the Sauvignon Blanc, please,” she said half shaking her empty wine glass.

“Matthew, can I get you something, too?”

His eyebrows went up. Click. “Are you sure?”

“Yes, of course...whiskey? Bourbon? You look like a Bourbon man,” I said.

“Yes, I am, actually,” he said, “very perceptive.” Click. “You drink it yourself?”

“Bourbon? No, too strong for me,” I said, “I guess I’m more of a white wine drinker, too, I leave the Bourbon to someone who likes the burn ” Click.

After I brought them their drinks, except for dinner, Emily spent the rest of the evening with Matthew and I spent the rest of the evening watching, the familiar knot in my stomach, the familiar tightness in my groin.

And as I said last week, they met for drinks last Tuesday, a testing the waters, and it went well and at the end he asked three questions: 1) you’re husband’s okay with this (yes), 2) do you want to go to a jazz concert next Thursday, this week (yes), and 3) do you want to keep Saturday, July 26 clear (yes...yes).


  1. Wow Sara, it sounds as if this has potential for all 3 of you! Keep us posted. Samantha

  2. I hope you are as excited as I am anticipating what will happen!