Thursday, July 31, 2014

Yea, there's a lot on my is this right?

It is. It's strange, but it is.

Yes, it's odd, but deep down inside, if given the choice, I'd want her to do this to him, not to me.

Deep down inside, I'd tell her to suck him, not me.

Deep down inside, I'll pick her physical pleasure, not mine.

Deep down inside, I'll trade his orgasms for my orgasms.

Deep down inside, Ill take emotion over sex.

If told by my wife that one of you gets a blow job today, I'll tell her to pick him every singe time.

Despite the jealousy.

Despite the humiliation.

Despite the angst.

Being cuckolded makes me feel closer to my wife.

Being cuckolded makes me love her more.

Being cuckolded makes me happy.

It's odd. But true.


  1. Sara, I know exactly how you feel. It's kind of like getting a long loving hug from your wife while someone kicks you in the stomach at the same time. Roy was my wife's first long term lover. I felt it the first time I knew my wife was at Roy's house in his bed, the first time she spent the night with him and the first time she went out of town for the weekend with him. I felt it when she was with men besides Roy. I can tell you the jealousy and angst will fade but never go completely away. There will always be that little worry of "what if she learns to love him instead of me." Fortunately for me the humiliation has never gone away. Of course the fact she has no problem talking sexy to her lovers on the phone while we are sitting in the house or when she's riding with me in the car helps that. Maybe Em will talk to him on the phone while you're with her and you'll experience how humiliating and wonderfully delicious that can be.

  2. Sara darling:
    The journey that you share with all of us is such a wonderful thing, but also laced with danger. I worry for you. You are a precious soul, my dear. I don't ever want to see you get hurt by all of this. You two play with fire it seems every day. Of course it is exhilarating, but it also could result in events that would invoke very serious consequences, ending the beautiful relationship you two share. To me that would be devastating. I live and breathe with you two. The love you have is so very special, and you write about it so well that we feel that we could be in your head with you.
    I must show you how I see you in my mind's eye.
    This feminine, androgynous male is who I envision (especially the last pic on the video where she is in blue tights........) when I'm thinking of you.