Friday, August 15, 2014


He texted me last night. Matthew.

"I'm picking Emily up at 7 on Saturday. We're going someplace casual for dinner first, so when you pick out something for her to wear, it shouldn't be formal. Sexy, but not formal."

First...I knew what he implied by that so I didn't ask, I assumed, but that's part of what this was all about.

"Okay," I texted; when he didn't respond, I texted again. "I understand, she has a few casual, cute things."

This time, his response was immediate. "I didn't say cute," he texted, "I said sexy. And by sexy I mean risqué." I saw the ellipses, he was typing more, it took a minute, I waited, waited.

"Sexier than she'd normal wear, John, sexier than what she'd wear for you. Not safe, but sexy. Risqué. Daring. I want people to stare, I want YOU to stare. Emily is a beautiful woman, she has a beautiful body; when she meets her lover, that body better be on display. This is one of my ground rules, John, when she's with me she should be sexy, always. If I wanted a woman in sweat pants, I'd get married, if I wanted a conservative woman, I'd date a woman from church. Are we clear on this? I don't want her dressed the way she would to meet her parents, her boss, or you, I want her dressed to meet her lover."

I stared at my phone, hand shaking, finally responded. "You're clear," I texted, "we'll pick something sexy."

He didn't respond again. He's a man, men don't text like women. Men aren't needy, testing. He's a man.

I have to check with Emily, but I have an idea what she should wear, what she will wear.


  1. Now the question will John or Sara answer the door when Matthew knocks. Perhaps when he picks her up he is Matthew and when he returns with her he is Master!

  2. Matthew’s texts really exude alpha male confidence. Maybe it’s time to invest in some more risqué clothing for Emily? Guess you’ve already purchased a bottle of nice bourbon for His first visit to your home.