Monday, August 4, 2014


The key was sitting on my pillow when I came out of the bathroom from brushing me teeth; Emily was in bed, reading a magazine.

"Emily," I said when I came around to my side of the bed, "what...what's that for?"

She looked over at me, smirked. "Has it been that long you forgot? That's the key know."

"I know," I blushed, "I want to..."

"The question isn't whether I want to, love, the question is whether you want to. You need release now and then, you know that...and I thought might be...I don't know...needy."

"How," I swallowed, as if it made a difference; after a month, the how of the orgasm meant less than the orgasm itself.

She set her magazine, shrugged. "However you want, sweetie." My eyes went wide, but she quickly nipped that at the bud. "Sara, not inside me...that's not...he...I could touch yourself while I whisper in your ear, or I could touch you myself...with my hands...or my feet...or I could..."

"Lick it," I blurted out but quickly felt ashamed at what I'd set. "I mean...not in your mouth..."

"Maybe," she said. "If you really want to...we could."

"Why wouldn't I really want to," I asked her.

"I don't seem so much more...attuned to things."


" this thing we're...doing. Like, the longer you go the closer we are, the more intimate we are. Like you have these frustrations and they make you more...submissive...more attuned to making me happy. I mean, this isn't a shock, right? The longer you go the more, er, needy you are, the more devoted."

"I suppose."

"I'm right, right," she asked. "Wouldn't you touch yourself every day left to your own devices."

"I don't know," I blushed because she was right.

"Don't you always say the most exciting thing you can do is use your mouth on me?"

"Doesn't wearing the cage make you more excited? You wouldn't have wanted to be free when...when Matthew and I..."

"No," I said before she finished.

"Were intimate," she finished anyway.

"No," I said again, fully blushed this time.

"So if you want to use the key, you can...but isn't, sometimes, better this way, better excited, better on edge, better serving.

I was throbbing now, and that was the irony of it, for the longer I was in chastity, the longer I wanted to be in chastity, the longer I wanted to be denied, the more exciting her orgasms were compared to mine.

She stared at me, saw the confusion on my face, the opposite desires, release versus chastity, orgasm versus denial. "What if he didn't want you unlocked," she asked softly.


"I'm just saying, she said. "What if he wanted some say."

"Emily, didn't tell him???"

"No...I mean..."


"I didn't tell him, hon, really, but... but isn't that part of it? Part of what an alpha man does? Not denying intimacy with me, but denying that particular kind of intimacy. Ultimately isn't that what this is all about? Wouldn't you rather have your kind of special intimacy with me and let him worry about the other things."

It wasn't fair in some ways, but in others, it was as fair as things could be.

"You can decide, but wouldn't you rather put the key away and get one of our special toys."

That kind of release was the best and the worst; it was release, it was draining, it was milking, but, especially locked, it wasn't a real orgasm...immediately after I was as desperate as before.

"Wouldn't you rather save those manly things for a man and just be my pretty girl," she asked.

I would...I was...her pretty girl...milked...her pretty girl...moaning...squirming...her pretty girl.

"He didn't say this is what he wants, Sara," she told me after, "but isn't it obvious this is what we want?"

"Yes," I kissed her and she let me, even with my own cum still on my lips.

"And if he wants it...that's okay?"

"Yes, Emily, yes...yes."


  1. Not the easiest thing to read while locked in chastity myself. But oh Sara. Oh my!

  2. Sara, keeping you locked is definitely the right decision. It’s best for everyone if you’re in your most submissive and compliant mood during your meeting with Matthew. Can’t wait to hear about your discussion, and about Emily’s next date with Him!