Saturday, August 9, 2014

Is it wrong to hope Matthew's into these kind of things?

I mean, I get that this doesn't happen, ever, unless he wants it.


  1. NO it is not wrong. Hope springs eternal. Remember he has called this meeting and texted your first. I hope your thoughts come true!

  2. From the way things seem to be developing this seems almost like a sure bet!
    I have done this with my wife and while awkward at first we've come to enjoy this very much!
    I hope it goes the way you both want!

  3. It's just like you yearn to put in use Emily's beauty in order to get up what you crave most: a man's cock

  4. Dear Sara,

    It's a fair question. However, I would be a little surprised, and more than a little bit disappointed, if you did not harbor such a fantasy. I assure you, there can be no more intimate act for you as Emily's sissy than assisting her submission to Matthew in these ways. I'm hoping for the best for you and Emily.

    Kiss kiss,


  5. Dear Sara,
    I'm so worried for you. What it is going to happen tomorrow? What Matthew is going to ask, to demand to you two? How your life is going to change?
    Please Sara, be strong if you can. Don't give up everything, do not agree to any ridiculous pretense, drive a hard bargain, play with cleverness the cards in your hands.
    A big hug, Sara, so to give you the strength, the courage you need.

  6. Yes. I agree. Please don't get swept up in the fast moving currents of temptation. We'd all like to feel the thrill of what you are on the brink of, but at the same time there is a point of no return where people change and other people suffer because they didn't plan for the outcome of certain occurrences. I don't ever want you to lose Emily.