Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Men don't ask, they tell.

The text from last night, no inquiry as to my plans, my availability, simply a command. I would have cancelled anything, anyway, as he full knows.

Matthew: You and I are having dinner tonight at 7. Pick a place halfway in between us and make a reservation.

Yes, we're having dinner tonight. My day is pretty much shot.


  1. WOW ... well you'll be nervous so sip your white wine slowly ... and order with a view to not too big a portion and something that's easy to eat ;-)

    BTW ... the URL I enter when I comment is actually my email ... just replace the . before yahoo with @ if you'd like to say Hi anytime. That's my chat ID for YM also.

  2. Panties, of course, are a must. But will you wear anything more under your boy clothes? Truly a good thing you are locked up tight for this meeting.

  3. Sara- does Matthew know about the blog? If not, are you planning to tell him about it? Molly's new suitor figured out about our blog, so it makes for an interesting dynamic.


  4. Be honest with your self and honest with him and every thing should be alright. As long as he is honest with you.

  5. I like the fact that Matthew is taking it slowly and is concerned about your feelings as well as Emily's. This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship as well as a long-term bull/hotwife/cuckold relationship. Now, how are you going to dress Emily for her date on Saturday night?