Thursday, August 21, 2014

Post Saturday

It's like everyone asks for updates and sometimes I don't want to give them. Selfish? I don't know, it isn't like I keep all this a secret. Part of it is time…it takes time to give updates, time to rethink it, time to relive it.

Saturday, Emily came home; he dropped her off again, didn't come in, left her to me, me to her. I was anxiously waiting, of course, the yin and yang of jealousy and excitement.

I didn't know what to say first when she walked in, what was foremost in my mind—Sara or what he did to her. But she stopped me. "Get changed," she said (I was still dressed as a boy), "I can't see you like that, not tonight."

I went upstairs, dressed for bed, dressed for play. Feminine, soft, sexy, flirty. Emily followed, was in the doorway after I dressed. "You make such a pretty girl," she said watching me. "That's what I told him, when he asked."

"He didn't," I said.

"He did, love, of course he did. He wasn't surprised. He asked how long you've done this…all your life."

"Did he…did he want to see."

"Sara? God, you're so predictable," she laughed. "I don't know, he didn't say, I guess we'll just have to see…why are we talking about this," she asked, knowing full well why. "He's never…he's not experienced in something like this," she pointed to me.

"How'd he react? What did he say?"

"Not much, love, I know you want more, but not much. He didn't react badly, but I don't know…I think he wants you to be unsure."

"He…he said we'll discuss it later," I said.

"I know…can I give you one clue about his reaction?"

"Yes," I said, eagerly.

"I'm sore," Em said.


"Sore…he…we…he did…twice," she looked down, blushed. "The second time was…I…"

"Emily," I...

She walked over to me, pushed me back to the bed, looked down. "I felt like his whore…"

"Emily," I was shaking, swelling.

"Before…on my knees…sucking his cock…I felt like his whore."

"Oh god," I mumbled.

"The first time," she touched my face, "riding him, I felt like his whore."


"But the second time, Sara, the second time…he put me on my hands and knees, pushed my face into the pillow, and fucked me, really fucked me. Every stroke made me shake, every stroke made me cum…that's when I was his whore, Sara, then, right then."

I was too turned on to speak, too ashamed, too jealous. But I wanted more, I knew it, so did she.

"I'm sore, love, I'm so sore…and I want you to be my whore now, lick me, softly, Sara. I love when you lick my sore pussy, I love when you're my whore."


There's no date this week…life…busy…him…us…

But he texted me, he wants to meet, talk, to me, about this, him, Emily, me.


  1. Thank you for the update. I feel sure you will be contacted soon and you will be informed exactly who is in charge!

  2. Thanks for update
    I think They help me, so that when my wife goes to the next step I have an idea of what may happen. The more knowledge I have of possible things that may happen the better off I am. I hope.
    Thanks again for your time and effort.


    I know it's your personal life, but so many of us follow you and are so excited to hear about what's happening. So when you start telling us about things, but then never give more details, it is frustrating. But know that we respect you and appreciate what you are willing to share. Hopefully, as the journey continues, you can allow us to live a bit vicariously through you.

    A very happy fan!

    BTW, any new fiction coming? Have read all your books and enjoyed the last so much!

  4. You know... I've never commented before... But reading about your life... Its very intoxicating. At times I identify with you and want to be you at other times I want to be the other person doing the cuckolding... its just all so confusing. Although I haven't commented on anyone's post before TG, sissy, or feminization, but your blog has me coming back time and time again. Thank you for sharing such private matters... wishing you the best possible outcome where all is happy...

  5. Dear Sara, wonderful Sara
    I'm so worried for you.
    I do not understand your musings, your feelings, your needs, your hopes, I do not understand what are you looking for, but if you think that somehow Matthew can take care for you, well I say you are wrong. He owns Emily, and you cannot compete in any way with her: you are nothing for him. You once were a threat for him, a stumbling block he had to overcome, now, after the scoop about 'Sara', he is well aware that he has nothing to fear from you, that he can step on you to get Emily without any risk of revenge.
    You're amazed that he had already figured out your feminine nature, and are also very surprised that he did not shown any curiosity about Sara, didn't had any wish to see her. Why should he? Don't you understand that he just want take away Emily from you?
    Oh Sara, I truly wish I could help you, but I do not know how to do it, I should need to know you better, but believe me, you need someone who can help you. I can only warn you by what might happen and hope you get all the things you desire.

  6. Hi Sara,

    Thanks for update, and I do not agree with Pippocit.

    The situation with Matthew is developing much as I'd imagined. What is clear is that Matthew will treat Emily as a whore.
    Emily is attracted to that at the moment, but deep down she is not a whore, and her relationship with Sara will not be affected by Matthew. Emily will eventually tire of this and want the gentle emotional support she gets from Sara. If Matthew was more charming, more understanding, a more rounded man, things could have been different.

    It will be interesting to see how Matthew treats Sara, as I feel it is Sara who wants more from Matthew. Am I right ??

    Whatever happens, please Sara and Emily, you must retain the wonderful marriage/relationship you have.

    Love Tanya xxxx

    1. Hi Tanya

      I really hope you're right, I hope with all my heart, and I really think you could be right, but, you know, I'm afraid especially for Sara, not for Emily, she is so much stronger. Sara has so many expectations for this relationship with Matthew, so many hopes. Think for instance at "What sissy little princesses dream of… ".
      I really fear that this may lead to serious disappointment for him that may disturb his soul in a very serious way and that would eventually broke the delicate balance of his precious family. This is what scares me most and I would like that does not happen.


  7. Hi Pippocit,
    Thanks for reply. Yes you are right, Sara may be disappointed. If that is case I really think that Emily will tire of Matthew quicker, as she is not a whore, and will want to reassure Sara. By his own admission Matthew is not good at relationships - only wanting to control and dominate. If Sara is excluded, Emily will protect him/her.

    Love Tanya xxxx

    1. Hi Tanya
      You are an incurable optimist. Blessed you.
      Tanti baci
      What does it means 'xxxx'?