Friday, August 8, 2014


Most guys would love seeing their wife dress like this around the house, right? 

Well most guys aren't sissies, like me.

And most wives aren't dating, like mine.

And most guys aren't in chastity, like me. 


  1. I would stay in chastity forever to be a sissy husband for HER, to serve and obey.

  2. As a married sissy cuckold i can attest that such a scene does happen and it isn't always as sexually exciting and perfect like fantasy would suggest. There are emotionally trying times, but at the end if you're a submissive you deal with it and it is a positive influence in our sub lives.

    sissy terri

  3. Seems to me Sara that this is exactly how you would like to look and dress like, is it not?
    I've followed you for so long, and all things you've said and alluded to over the years lead me to this picture. The beautiful and feminine hair, the breasts, the lovely legs (we both toned our legs growing up through ballet, right?)..........and of course the lovely shortest of short dresses.

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