Friday, August 22, 2014

Test Results

"Log in," he texted, "the results are in."

I stopped what I was doing, logged into the website, negative, negative, negative...all negative. I expected as much for us, hoped as much for him.

"All negative."

"Yep," he replied.

"I'm glad," I texted.

"I want you to tell her something...John...remind her."


"Next condoms."


  1. oh my.....this is getting so intense........just the fact the he will take Emily au naturel.....that special bond when you have unprotected sex.......that grows on you....that you can't let go....that you need....that question that Emily might fall for him entirely....because he is such an alpha male and she is a woman.........and the flip side ......the hope that he might consider you well.....your fantasy to have him take you as well.....oh tossing and turning all night long just thinking about it........a restlessness that goes on and on and on.............

  2. Dear Sara,

    My thought when I read this Sara? My only thought? Is when Emily returns to you after her next date with Matthew. It will happen. You will respond to what will be her desperate need for you to pleasure her in the manner you are best suited to do. And we know what that means for you Sara. You will taste him. He will be there. Inside of your Emily. And she and you will be forever bonded in a way that can only result from such an act of love. I can't wait for you to experience this pleasure.



  3. He called you John again Sara. Is that significant ???

    Love Tanya xxxx

    1. Hi Tanya,

      I think that certainly it is very significant. Evidently, Matthew prefers to make a deal with John rather than with Sara.
      I believe that this fact can be explained in two different ways, which could both be true.
      Could it be that Matthew does not care at all for Sara, and therefore prefer to deal with John, in the quality of husband of Emily, the husband that allows him to go out with Her.
      Or he might be a little ill at ease at having to deal with someone which he is unable to understand if is more man or more woman. A homophobic embarrassment of an alpha male against someone, for him, incomprehensible.

      Tanti baci (kisses)


    2. For Pippocit,

      There are times and places for all sorts of names. I can be Damien to friends, Mr. Mentia to the people in my department, Daddy to my daughter, Master to my girlfriend in bed and/or "Hey Asshole" while driving on the road and each are appropriate when needed. I wouldn't call my GF slut in front of her family as its all about context and respect.

      At this point, Matthew has no real reference point as to how much Sara there is in John. He HAS dealt with John though, and since the law (and the test results) refer to Emily and her husband John, I can see why he does so. There is also discreteness at play, you would think. Then again, you could be right, and Matthew really doesn't give a shit what his name is. i"m guessing that while fiction stories like these play out a certain way, Matthew doesn't have a script.

      So, while it could be significant, I would venture to let it all play out and enjoy the ride.

  4. Pretty please, brothers and sissies, beware of over-interpretation.
    Because Sara is such an excellent writer, we can come to believe that we’re able to judge Matthew’s character and intentions. The truth is, we can’t. Our speculations are nothing but speculations.
    Maybe Matthew is just treating John and Sara as two different persons? To John the cuck, the test results mean that Matthew is going to fuck Emily bareback. To Sara the sissy, they might mean something else. Once again, nothing but speculations. Still, I do hope Sara’s bought that bottle of bourbon by now; or was it John?

  5. So, Dear Sara, did you deliver Matthew's message to Emily? And how did you take her reaction ... that quick sudden smile that crossed her face as she envisioned her next intimate moment with him, anticipating the heat of his bare cock inside her? And then coming back to you with his essence inside her? Mmmm ... that must have been an erotic moment for you both!