Saturday, August 16, 2014


Matthew: Seems like you were not 100 percent honest about your ideal situation...Sara. Seems like you and I have something to discuss...Sara.

Me: I apologize...we...I...didn't want to...scare you. I'm sorry.

Matthew: Do something for search...cuckold and many results?

Me: Lot's...I assume.

Matthew: I said do the search. How many results?

Me: About 2,920,000 results.

Matthew: You think I've never heard it before? I'm not mad, but we'll discuss this later. I have other things to distract me the woman sitting next to me who kept whispering in my ear all through dinner that she wants to be my whore.


  1. Sounds like things are heating up a bit

  2. He called you Sara. Matthew called you Sara.

  3. Strangely I have never googled 'cuckold and sissy' untill now, the top of my list was a youtube video by 'Sydney Connor', if you have not seen this series I suggest it's worth a watch, find the first episode - it's no where near as eroticaly charged as your writings but does offer a fascinating view from the woman's side.
    More Postings soon please.

  4. Wow!
    Matthew is SO MUCH in control! It’s not that he doesn’t want to fuck Emily, but he literally makes her beg for it. Perhaps He should be in control of the key to your chastity belt too? And I wouldn’t be the least surprised if he makes you beg to suck His cock.

  5. i love how mathew is slowly encouraging you to realize your submissive and feminine side.....Like slowly making you realize how obvious it is truly....

  6. Sara
    Everything will be alright
    I say this because I would be nervous

  7. Sara, John, I'm sorry to post this in many respects, particularly as I know how many people get off on this and I know how you seem to be loving this. However as a dominant man and also a health and psychological professional I have to ask you to carefully consider anything, do not just be led by primal responses, think about what this means for you and your wife. For Matthew he has nothing to lose, there will always be another woman for him, trust me on this. For you and Emily you may not find each other again, please don't get lost. Please think of the long term cost and loss not the short term game, I will admit to being the start of the breakdown in too many relationships. If you would like to speak to me reply here and I will give you contact details.

  8. Sounds like everything worked out perfectly ... I do hope Emily offered the clarification rather than Matthew having to make her disclose what he obviously suspected, but no matter ... Emily is his whore, he is in control of you both ... the only thing we don't know is how thoroughly he will make Sara his whore too. Thanks for the detailed updates and good luck to you all ;-)

  9. You know, Sara, it's an act on his part to say that there's something you didn't mention before. He has known for a while.

    Not that he minds, obviously, but it's a bit disingenuous to suggest that you've been keeping something from him.

    If he didn't know before then, he knew when you used the word "cute" to describe an outfit you would pick out for Emily to wear. Guys don't talk about "cute," that's a word that has value for women.

    For example, my girlfriend said she found some "cute shoes" the other day. Or a top is cute, or maybe a skirt. Or an outfit, in your situation.