Thursday, August 7, 2014

Texts With a Man

"Emily, you, and I are going to meet for a drink next week to discuss some things. Does Aug. 12 work? - Matthew."

I stared at my phone, confirmation of the meeting I'd expected, surprised though he texted me directly, not Emily. Hands shaking, I texted back.

"Yes. Where? What time? What are we going to discuss?"

He didn't text back for awhile, close to an hour, an hour wasted for me because all I could do was stare at my phone, waiting.

"Sampson's. 8:00. Make a reservation. - Matthew" Sampson's is a nicer bar/restaurant halfway between our place and his. He ignored my question about the discussion.

"Okay, I'll do it now."

I called Sampson's, took care of it, texted him back.

"Matthew, I took care of that, reservation made."

I texted again a few minutes later. "8:00 at Sampson's."

Then again when he didn't answer. "We'll see you there."

He didn't answer again for an hour, kept me on edge again the entire time. "Yep. You pick her outfit; I prefer her in a skirt or a dress. Sexier than she'd normally wear out or for you. Risque even."

"Okay," I texted back, adding a few minutes later, "she has a few things like that." But no reply from him.

When Emily got home she dropped her bag, walked right to me, and kissed me deeply and passionately for several minutes. "Fuck, what was that for?"

"Show me," she said.

"Show you what?"

"Your phone, his texts, come on, he said he texted you."

"Em, it was nothing," I said.

"Nothing," she kissed me again, " buddy...what ever he is...texted you! Show me...please."

I sighed, though inside was excited, showered her my phone.

"God, Sara!"

"What," I asked, afraid I'd done something wrong. "Shouldn't I have said okay?"

"No...yes...not that," she laughed. "Look at texting like a girl...all needy...all responding right away...fuck, why don't you just text him and tell him how excited you are. Not that I'm one to talk, I do the's just funny to see you do it with a man, too."

"I do not," I said.

"Oh, you do, love, you do. Don't think he doesn't see it, too. I mean, fuck, Sara."

After a minute, she took a breath. "He's right, want to talk."

"I know...I'm already nervous, though."

"I think that's part of his plan, love, part of his plan."


  1. OMG. Why is it that I am feeling queasy? It's like a man texted me requiring my mate and I meet him to discuss what ever!
    I am excited, nervous and glad that I am restrained!!!

  2. He needs to show up as a woman to meet his wife's lover.

  3. I would have difficulty concentrating at work from now until the 12th. This is escalating Sara. Matthew is serious. Good luck!



  4. OMG Its almost like this is bullshit! How about you show photos of yourself instead of using others pics? Then some people might actually start believing what you are saying. At the moment you are just another 50 shades of grey with a twist wannabe!!


    1. OMG! Why don't you post with a real identity?

    2. That's totally unfair.......... Sara is such a lovely person just to share her thoughts and experiences with all of us....... seems to me that you like to read them........... you're here at her blog, right?...........
      Face it, you WANT Sara to be real. I go all the way back to Evan......... and it still gives me goosebumps to think about Sara and Emily.
      I just hope that Matthew doesn't do something like steal Emily away from dear Sara. That would break my heart.

    3. Anonymous, you made me giggle. What if it's all fake? What if I'm making it all up? What if nothing here is true? As Jayme said, you're still reading.

      But it's not all made up, that's the thing.

    4. You see how we all feel for you Sara? None of us like hearing you questioned. But as you note, Anon is still here and reading.



  5. Replies
    1. August 12th is Tuesday (tomorrow). Not Thursday.