Friday, August 29, 2014

Tomorrow then

I texted Matthew this afternoon, I don't know why, it felt like the right thing to do.

"Matthew, I'm glad we met the other night, it was reassuring."

He responded, quick for him. "I'm glad too. It's important you participate, that's what makes Emily happy, you know that...she's not cheating, you know that...this is very different."

"I know," I texted back. "It makes me happy, too. Participating."

"We talked about this, John, always understand I don't want to exclude you, just the opposite, I want to include you. Tomorrow...I told Emily I'll pick her up a half hour before we have to leave, I'd like to have a drink with you two first. I assume you picked up some Bourbon."

"Yes, I did. I hope you like it, I did some research, but I'm not a whiskey drinker."

"Of course not, it's a man's drink. Tomorrow then."



  1. Dear Sara
    Just a couple of questions, if I may.
    What has Emily done while you were with him e what has she asked you when you came home, how has she greeted you?
    What are you going to do while she is with him?
    Tanti baci

  2. Sara thanks for the update.
    Thinking about you.
    Keep the communication going between all of you.
    Wishing you the best.

  3. Sara, so glad you texted Matthew and got the response you did. I was worried you were being excluded. Clearly not. Very happy for you little girl.