Monday, September 8, 2014

Engagement Presents

He bought her a $6,000 ring:

She bought him a $200 cage:


  1. Nothing says love like a ring and a cage!

  2. Sara:
    Those lovely nails look like yours, when you met Emily at the airport when she returned from Dallas way back. Do you still keep them that nice? I'm jealous...........

  3. Sara:
    On a different note, maybe one more intended by you...with your wonderfully devious and sensual, and of course super creative mind........ you do know what every blog followed thought when the image in tag came up on the screen of this page?
    "He bought her a $6000 ring"........ oh my, Matthew bought Emily an engagement ring...... where does that leave dear Sara?
    Definitely something to get all of our hearts palpitating.

  4. Do you really think content of this blog could be significant for Sara and Emily ??
    Lack of updates over last 2 weeks does give me cause for concern, despite Sara's reassurances.
    Did Emily see Matthew last weekend ?? What are plans this weekend ?? Will Matthew EVER want to see Sara ??
    Please put our minds at rest Sara darling.

    Love Tanya xxxx

  5. I would agree something is off. It's been 2 weeks since the "bare event", which must have been a big step for all. Sara is such a talented writer who clearly uses her blogs and stories to reinforce her sexual energy, yet no description of any of the events from that night or since. Perhaps Matthew is not all she and Emily had hoped; after all, by his own admission he has not been successful being a bull in a relationship with a committed couple. But we all are waiting patiently, hoping to hear what has transpired and hoping that it is all going well for Sara.

  6. They must have had their third date (since the tests) and no word from Sara. It does make me worry.