Friday, September 19, 2014

I know he gets it

"Remember," he texted me the other day. I was in the study, working, Emily was in bed, reading.


"Roles...mine and yours."

"I do...I think about them all the time," I told him.

"Good. Remember then she's your wife and the things you do with her are sweet, loving, and tender. But..."

I watched the dots, watched, waited while he typed.

"She's my whore, there to do with as I please. And the things we do are unspeakably dirty."

I just stared at the screen, felt the tension, the tightness in the cage, the fluttering in my stomach. Increased by his next text.

"Right, Emily."

Right? I looked at the top of my phone, saw she was on the text, too.

"Yes, Sir." her text appeared in the conversation.

Half an hour later I went into the bedroom to go to bed. She was awake still, reading still, blushed when I walked in.

My wife. His whore.


  1. Very compelling post, Sara. I got the same straining against my cock cage that you just described.


  2. Sara; I would be jealous as I would want to be his whore also.

  3. Thank God I am locked away in chastity and wearing panties right now or else I couldn't control myself.

  4. Mmm interesting, Matthew has changed very quickly, from attentive alpha male , to controlling aggressive dominant. His darker more sinister side is showing itself.
    Because of how she had to dress to please Matthew, Emily has always felt like his whore. Now we know for certain that Matthew wants her as his whore. He likes control and is aggressive sexually without tenderness.
    Where this leads and Sara's role if any, will be interesting to follow.

    Love Tanya xxxxx

  5. I'm also bothered by sentence : " she's my whore there to do with as I please"

    She already sucks him off, they already have hard sex, sometimes with her head held down to pillow. What more could he mean ???

    I worry about certain possibilities, if Emily will do WHATEVER Matthew demands.

    If he wanted her to "entertain" his "friends", accompany him to swingers club, take substances ????
    Where could it lead if both Sara and Emily let Matthew take over completely ??

    Tanya xxxx