Monday, September 22, 2014

Implicit Questions Answered

A few questions from the comments I wanted to address.

Anonymous says, "You've never discussed (I don't think) whether you and Emily play with strap-on or other simulated cock play."

Answer: Um, we totally play with strap-ons and I can totally cum like a girl (i.e., from penetration only, no stimulation of my sissy clit).

Tanya wonders about Matthew (Anonymous jumps in, too), whether he'll accept Sara.

Answer: I don't know. When he said words to the effect of, Well then, I suppose I'm going to have to meet her," his tone suggested not mere resignation that he would have to meet Sara for Emily's sake, but instead amused teasing. I think he's drawing it out to tease me, to control me. He's going to meet Sara when he wants. And to some extent, to me, it's like chastity-I'm released not when I want (always) but when Emily wants (more rare). And because of that, I enjoy it more.

Emily is coy on the subject, but I judge from her reaction I'm not wrong. It's when, not if, and it's willingness, not acquiescence.

Ritemate commented he likes controlling couples, not just wives. I think he likes controlling us, not. Ritemate also says, "I’d be surprised if Sara doesn’t eventually find herself on her knees in front of Him."

Answer: Oh god, I hope so!!! (Emily, too.) If I do, though, it will be when Matthew wants it, not when I want it (now.)

Anonymous comments about Matthew's "she's my whore" comment and whether Emily will do whatever Matthew wants, using examples of entertaining his friends, going to swingers clubs, substances.

Answer: Substances? Never. Emily would never in a million years. Not a question in my mind. His friends? Don't see it. Swingers clubs? Nope. She's just not that kind of person. (Yes, I recognize the irony of what I'm saying, but it's true.)


  1. Thank you so much for the clarification So to be curious what comes next?! Another date or?????

  2. when you cum like a girl are you hard or soft?

  3. Thanks for the clarifications!



  4. Yes, thanks for this post. It's great to see you read our comments. Very cool that Emily pegs you. She does not seem to have a real dominant personality from your posts (more a teasing one), so I'm guessing it is more of a sensual experience than one where she is really topping you and using the strap-on as a reinforcement of her power over you. But still a great way for you to experience a pseudo cock and get into a feminine mindset!


    1. I absolutely agree, I think it's wonderful that Emily makes love to you that way. And of course I intentionally phrased it that way. I love riding a strap-on that my girlfriend occasionally wears, but I wish she would wear it more often.



  5. Regarding last comment/response, which I submitted, you may have wondered why I have mentioned quite extreme situations, which you have dismissed - that's fine.
    TOTAL submission/domination can be a dangerous thing :

    Over 10 years ago I dated a divorced woman. She told me her ex-husband TOTALLY dominated her sexually and she submitted TOTALLY to him. On more than one occasion, she was taken to a swingers club, restrained, and injected with a substance that restricted her movement. Her husband then watched as a number of men had sex with her.

    Its fine that Emily is Matthews whore. It indicates the difference between her husband and lover. Calling him "Sir" and agreeing that he can do whatever he wants with her could go over the boundaries. I was only thinking of you and Emily.

    Much love Tanya xxxx

  6. It's very good of you to do such a post, Saragirl. Hugs.